Any pluginval users out there?

Just another note about pluginval users and coverage from this post in case it gets lost at the bottom of that thread: Anouncing "pluginval" an open-source cross-platform plugin validation tool

TL;DR, get in touch with me if you’ve got any feedback or want to be featured on a slide during my ADC presentation. Cheers!


I am a very grateful and enthusiastic pluginval user!! It’s caught a lot of potential issues and has shaped my plugin architecture strategy. I honestly feel much more confident now when I send out my dev builds to coworkers/beta for testing :wink: Thanks for putting the time in to make such a wonderful tool!

That’s great to hear! This will very much be one of the central themes of the talk.

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Thanks to everyone who’s reached out so far.
Keep the websites, company logos and testimonies coming!