Any wacom tablet users?

My next project is a nice juce wrapping of the horrible WinTab code. I feel like i’m dragging my teeth along a brick wall getting my head around this stuff, but it’s getting there.

Are there any wacom tablet owners/users here that are interested and willing to test it out for me? Conveniently you’re allowed to distribute the WinTab files so it should be pretty simple to slot in when it’s done.

I do have a wacom tablet and as it will be useful for my project too, I will be happy to test whatever you come up with.

Splendid :slight_smile: I’ve almost reached a usable setup. I’ve tried to make it as simple and seamless as possible.

There’s a singleton class GraphicsTabletSystem which handles all the system callbacks and what-not. That’s not something you have to worry about, it will get created and destroyed automatically as it is required.

All you have to do is create somewhere a TabletContext, and configure it (the configuration controls need a bit of work to be more useful, but so far they are functional). Then a simple call to will create a context for the device and start recieving messages. All you have to do to access these messages is myContext.addListener( TabletContextListener* ). There, you have callbacks for things like the cursor moving, buttons pressed/released, proximity changes (e.g. pen being lifted away from the tablet), pressure changes, cursor changes (e.g. pen/eraser) etc…

It’ll be pretty damned simple compared to the WinTab interface! Hopefully someone would be able to port it over to the other platforms. There are WinTab implementations for the others, afaik, but i have no alternative system to build on!

Way cool, i’ve made it as simple as it gets.

You literally just create a TabletContext and register it with a TabletContextListener (and open it). That’s it, then you get Tablet support in your app with default settings (default device, mapped to screen, hijack’s system cursor). But you can also change the settings of the context (make it operate independantly of the mouse pointer, change the area of the tablet mapped to the screen, etc). No messing around. There are a bunch of callbacks to respond to the device, recieving TabletEvent objects to get the details of the device’s changes.

I’ll hopefully have something to share tomorrow. I need to make a demo app for non-wacom people to try to see if it doesn’t crash when a device isn’t detected (i can’t try that sort of thing here as the drivers are installed).

I have a desktop PC and a Mac with tablet support installed and a notebook (PC) that has never seen the tablet, so I will be pretty much able to test the stuff under all the possible angles.

I suppose you work on PC so I can look into the Mac version (or vice versa) I have no previous experience with this driver, but hey, we are here to learn something new every day :slight_smile: