Anyone have good looking widgets ( particularly listbox/grids ) based on JUCE?

I'm looking for a good looking set of controls/widgets based on JUCE better and more versatile than the basic JUCE controls.

Anyone selling them ?  I came across these  :- 

for a different IDE -  XOJO which look really cool but need the same thing in C++/JUCE

the widgets all use PNG graphics from



PS - i'm not connected with  jeremie leroy or medialoot in any way - but do use and coe in XOJO so knew of these widgets. 

But my final apps are in JUCE not XOJO. 




If you had mockups of what you want then it really woudn't be that much work, depending on how many widgets you plan to have. But I've never heard of anyone selling JUCE look and feel classes.

heres a PNG example

Have you looked at the look and feel examples from the Juce demo? It shows how to create custom look and feel. It's pretty intuitive.