Anyone in South Bucks want do do 4-8hrs paid consultancy?

I’m looking for an expert C++ Xcode JUCE developer living within easy reach of me to spend half a day ( maybe a whole day but doubt it ) with me and my laptop, on paid consultancy for - what i reckon will take no longer than half day to sort out, 8 hrs at the most.

Its just going to be sorting out some basic compilation fingertrouble error issues, arising from when I moved from putting all my classes into a few big hpp/cpp files and moved over to a one file per class workflow.

I just need to get past a major block that is preventing me from carrying on. i’ve been working with C++/JUCE for many years but this issue is just a “last straw” that has sapped the morale and motivation from carrying on.

I dont really want to just send the source over and do things simply in cyberspace - i’d prefer to pop over with a laptop. I can pay £30 an hour on an hourly basis.

It needs to be easily accessible via the Chiltern line since I dont have a car. I’d prefer not to have to travel right into London, since I live in High Wycombe.