Anyone still using win98?

Don’t suppose any of you juce hackers still have a machine with win98 on it, do you? Apparently the latest version doesn’t work in win98 again, presumably because of some unicode problem, but I don’t have any way of debugging this… if anyone’s got a spare minute to have a quick go and see where it’s failing, that’d be much appreciated!

I do have a Win98 machine, but there are no programming tools on it, so… debugging would be… interesting…

Get yer MSDN out laddie! You’ve got VirtualPC and Win98 in there.

never thought of that… but I don’t have an msdn subscription. I’ll see if there’s a demo version.

There is a trial version of VirtualPC:

Yea, I have VirtualPC, personally I like VMWare’s better, seems faster and more compatable. If I get the money I’ll get around to getting it, I had an older version but it is just too old anymore and my Virtual PC (thanks to an MSDN thing through the university) works for now. But yea, VMWare I’d try as well, they each have 30 day trials anyway.

When I tried the demo app on the 98s at my school there was no text at all. Is this what you’re talking about? I put dev-c++ on one of them and I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of it…

I’ve got virtualpc now so finally got to test the win98 stuff properly. It’s broken in the current version but the fix is quite easy - just change this macro in win32_headers.h:

#define UNICODE_FUNCTION_LOAD(functionName) \ if (SystemStats::getOSType() != SystemStats::Win98 && SystemStats::getOSType() != SystemStats::Win95) \ { \ w##functionName = (type##functionName) GetProcAddress (h, #functionName); \ jassert (w##functionName != 0); \ }

Ahh, glad you got it fixed :smiley:

me too.