Anyone written a better multi-column ( table ) listbox?

Anyone written a better more feature-rich multi-column ( table ) listbox  than TableListbox ? 


Why not add here a wishlist for it? What's missing that you're direly needing?

1)  Ability to create and edit look and feel of multicolumn listboxes in The JUCER 

2) changes to tablelistbox to allow trappong and handling how to draw rows BEYOND the last row that has content..

3) striped listboxes ALA Apple

4) ability to set up colours font of listbox and header  seperately.  I'm planning to write a seperate LookAndFeel to handle this but would be nice to have built-in. 

5)  A "better" multicolumn listbox that uses metadata to a much deeper level to define the look and behaviour - while reducing the "Model" element to an object which simply requests pure DATA when data changes - with no intertwined "painting" code having to be written by hand as exists currently. 

I have ended up basically copying and customising the JUCE tablelistbox code as I need, in order to fulfil my needs. There were a few changes that it wojuld be nice to have merged back into the standard JUCE object and in time i'll submit it. 


Listboxes or "Grid" controls are so ubiquitous and required in all manner of apps it would be good to have something able to handle more. 


Personally I miss my PowerBuilder Datawindow days - "list/grid box-wise"  - but thats history and for another day, place and discussion :( 


I need to have TableListbox controls that have cells that can on demand be editable ( using a texteditor component )

anyone have code for this ?  the standard TableListbox doesnt support this currently

Please see my reply to this thread.

I'm also looking for a more general 'Grid' object, or at least a Table that allows for row labels as well. It doesn't look like TableListBox is capable of doing this, do I need to make it from scratch or is there another class I should be using? 

Basically I want a resizable grid of buttons with row labels and column labels.

Also, the grid may be larger than the space I have to display it, so I will need scrollbars to appear when too many rows/columns are present to view it all at once. I'm thinking maybe I can just embed the grid inside a viewport component to make that part easier though... 

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