App Shutdown and Avoiding Unnecessary Repaints/Resizes

Hello all,

I am having an issue of extra repaints/resizes being issued after I have issued a quit request to my app via systemRequestedQuit().

I believe this is happening because:

I use a custom LookAndFeel for my app which my MainWindow holds an instance of. In the MainWindow constructor I call setLookAndFeel (&myCustomLookAndFeel) and in the destructor I call setLookAndFeel (nullptr). The call to setLookAndFeel (nullptr) then calls sendLookAndFeelChange() and recurses through child components. Various components in my app have implemented the virtual function lookAndFeelChanged() to call resized() with the purpose of updating component sizes to reflect a window zoom level, so during app close, the resized() method of various components is called.

Is there a way to eliminate these extra resized() calls?
I know I must use the setLookAndFeel (nullptr) call, but is there a way I can do this without the internal call to sendLookAndFeelChange(), since during shutdown, there is not a reason for me to tell Components of the changed LookAndFeel. Is there another method I should be using?

I have noticed the JUCE Slider also does some resized() calls in lookAndFeelChanged() so I do not believe my usage of this callback is out of the ordinary.

Should I be worried about extra calls to resized() methods at shutdown? I feel like if they are not needed, I should try to eliminate them.

Thanks for the help!

Only if they’re causing your app to misbehave.