App Store Connect Operation Error

Hi all. I’m trying to submit my app to App Store connect and keep getting this error. It looks like everything is working as it should but all of a sudden this pops up and I can’t work out what I need to do.

FYI, I built the app in Juce with Xcode 12 but was getting some issues with a new feature available on iPad mini to do with full screen or something like that. So I needed to upgrade to Xcode 13, and decided to get the 13.3 beta version. I’m now wondering if that’s causing me problems.

Any insight would be a great help, thanks.

Looks like the same issue that was reported here: Apps built using the latest JUCE (6.1.5) get rejected from app store! - #8 by reuk

Please update to the newest version of JUCE and let us know if the problem persists.

Will do, thanks

Just installed Juce v6.1.6 and am getting this (unrelated) error. Line 277 in juce_mac_fonts

No matching function for call to ‘jmin’

const auto wordEnd = jmin (attribStringLen, (currentPosition + attr.range.getLength()).getAddress() - beginPtr.getAddress());

Thanks for reporting. This issue is fixed here:

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This fix also made it possible for me to successfully archive.