App won't get focus with latest juce

I just upgraded to the latest juce and switched to gcc 4 and now my application that used to work fine, when I run it from XCode, it comes up behind XCode and refuses to take keyboard focus. It also locks up when either a file dialog box or alert window opens. Has anybody else seen anything like this?

If i just run my application, it gets the focus just fine.

Odd - I’ve not had anything like that happen. Could be a framework linking mis-match, perhaps, if you’ve changed compilers and/or the OSX version you’re targeting?

Make sure your actual bundle name matches what’s specified in the Info.plist file inside your bundle.

Ahh, that was it. I have two targets App PPC and APP Intel, and then after they are both built, I have a script that merges them into App which is the universal binary name. I had the Info.plist set up to be for App. I guess I’ll need to make my script edit the Info.plist.

Also, the AlertWindow’s aren’t locking up, they just aren’t painting. I can click on their buttons if I can guess where they are. And it’s only the dialog box that pops up when users are quitting my app. Is it a bad idea to all an AlertWindow inside a timer callback?

It’s fine to call an alertwindow in a timer callback. Maybe you’re doing it after the message queue has had the quit message posted? That’d stop events from happening.

It seems that the AlertWindow doesn’t paint if it is called from a timer.

I took the juce demo app, added a button listener to one of the buttons. From the button listener I call startTimer(10), in the timer callback I try and open an AlertWindow and viola – Nothing!

This is a mac only problem. Here is a screenshot.

agh! this is a subtle thing with recursive timers - luckily it’s a simple tweak to fix it - in juce_Timer.cpp, add an extra line at line 225:

[code]const ScopedUnlock ul (lock)
callbackNeeded = false;


Because the mac uses a timer to do the repainting, it was getting stuck when it tried to run a timer inside a message loop that was itself running inside a timer.

Sweet, that fixed it. Thanks.