Apple Sandboxing: USB entitlement question

I’m working on a JUCE app that handles MIDI I/O only, no audio. In Projucer’s “App Sandbox Options” there is a checkbox for adding the USB entitlement:

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 2.05.28 PM

(In Apple-speak, that entitlement is named

I tried leaving it unchecked, and USB MIDI devices still seem to have no problem sending and receiving MIDI from the app. I’m assuming that is because this entitlement is only needed for more direct USB drivers, whereas MIDI is being passed to JUCE by macOS, indirectly from its particular USB source.

Do I have that correct? Will NOT enabling the USB entitlement cause any issues with MIDI interfaces? It tests fine here but I only have a couple interfaces to check with, all of which are “class compliant” devices, so they might be easy cases.

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