Applet-like behaviour with HTTP and cookies?

Hi, I’m new here. I’m working currently with project which consists Java applet running in client browser and some server software. These two parties are interconnected by our custom protocol which is carried on HTTP, SSL actually. Messaging is stateful, so cookies are used. Applet code does not handle cookies explicitly as Java plugin uses browsers sockets and cookies are carried automatically.

Now we have seen that Java performance, specially during launching, is very slow. We plan a move to custom plugin development. JUCE is best we have seen in this area.

I’ve read much this forum and JUCE documentation (both are very good!), but one detail is left unanswered. JUCE contains URL and related classes to handle HTTP messaging, but it obviously does not work like Java libraries regarding cookies. Is there a way to achieve similar situation like with Java plugin, that plugin software and browser share same cookies, which means that they live in same session when looked from server side ?

Thanks for any advices…



In one project that I worked on, we use javascript to do the server communication, i.e. the browser plugin talks to the JS in its webpage, and the JS makes calls via the browser to do whatever it needs to do.

Absolutely brilliant idea, Jules !!