Application hangs when launched with Airpods

I have a few users who have reported that my standalone juce application is hanging when they launch it with Airpods connected. If the airpods are disconnected, then it launches correctly.

I’ve seen an issue even in Logic with Airpods with a friend of mine, they appear to do something wonky with the samplerate. Unfortunately, I don’t have any airpods to be able to replicate this on my end so I’m a bit shy on more details…

Has anyone experienced anything similar on their end?

When AirPods and other bluetooth devices are connected, you can get irregular block sizes, that are changing each time. If your dsp is not designed to handle that, that could cause a problem. Also if you have AirPods in full duplex mode it will drop the samplerate to something like 24Khz as you’ve noticed.

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Thank you, that makes sense!

BT headphones go into phone call mode as soon as you open the input channel. For most, that means 16kHz mono. That’s the standard, and there’s not yet a non-proprietary way to support something else when requiring an input. If your app can’t handle these samplerates or assumes stereo operation, that might be a clue. Do you have any crashlogs that might point at where your app is crashing?