ApplicationCommandManager on Audio Unit behaving strange


Im having a wierd problem when loading several AUs on logic:

if i load two instances of my plugin and open their gui, when i run an ApplicationCommand on the first instance (with a button for example), it triggers the command on the second instance instead. the second instance, is triggering itself properly. but this leaves the first instance unusable.

i haven’t declared it singleton or anything. is this just me? or is anyone else experiencing this? should i use the ApplicationCommandManager inside the plugin at all? what am i missing?

this maybe something deeper than the ApplicationCommandManager. im not sure yet. still investigating.


Yes, the application command manager stuff really isn’t designed for plugins. Even though it’s not a singleton itself, it’ll look through all the known windows when trying to find a command target, and in a plugin that would include other instances of the plug. You might be able to get it to work by overriding some of its virtual methods though…


wow you got me panicking for a moment there… working a year and a half on my software integrating the wrong function, i went looking for those virtual functions i couldnt overwrite. but then…

then, i found the following function:

since my main editor component is the command target i just put this at the end of my constructor:

and this at the start of my destructor:

when the editor is open is the only time you can invoke commands in plugins anyhow, so this is just perfect for working with plugins, no rewrites, no nuthin :smiley:

jules, your code is better than you even realize


ah yes, that’d do it. TBH the command manager stuff is so complicated that even I can never remember how it works…