ApplicationCommandTarget Command-. does not work?


I am trying to use the shortcut ‘command-.’ - but for some reason it seems to be ignored:

    result.addDefaultKeypress('.', ModifierKeys::commandModifier);

Any idea why?

Thanks, Dietrich

If you’re on OSX, then maybe it’s being caught be the OS, as that’s the OSX equivalent of ctrl-C?

Hi Jules,

Are you sure that you are not a robot? I never got my answers on a forum without any latency before :slight_smile:

Interesting. I didn’t know that. So, using JUCE, you learn something new every day :slight_smile:

It took me a while to find some information about this. Finally, on this page here

it is listed:

Stop      ⌘.     Command-.

But now I wonder what kind of thing is supposed to be stopped by “Stop”. Even on macOS I normally use ctrl-c …

However, in Max ⌘. is used as a shortcut for “Stop Scheduler”. So, as Max is implemented in JUCE, it should be possible to overwrite this shortcut even when using JUCE on a Mac. But how?

Or do you think that this is a bad idea and that ⌘. should not be overwritten? (I wanted to use it for “stop audio processing” - it is used with this meaning by pure data as well…)

Thanks, Dietrich