Applications Software Developer at Modal Electronics

Bristol-based hardware synthesiser manufacturer Modal Electronics are looking for an experienced applications software developer to lead the software release life cycle of MODALapp - the standalone and audio plugin editor application for Modal’s synthesisers.



  • 2+ years of industry experience with modern C++ (minimum C++11)
  • A good understanding of Object Oriented and Functional programming
  • Experience with Git / Version Control systems
  • Good communication and collaboration skills
  • Good knowledge of English both written and spoken
  • A passion for programming, music and audio


  • 2+ years of experience with the JUCE framework
  • Cross platform (macOS, Windows, iOS and Android) application development
  • Experience developing public-facing applications
  • Experience with VST3 and AudioUnit audio plugin development using JUCE
  • Experience with code signing and macOS notarization
  • Experience creating Windows and macOS installers
  • Experience with creating scripts e.g. automatic build scripts
  • An understanding of the MIDI protocol
  • An understanding or interest in web technologies

Full-time position to start as soon as possible.
Expected to be able to work remotely.

Please send applications / CV’s to

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