Apps built on Silicon not installing

Hi guys,

I’m facing a strange issue while packaging U2B products on our Mac Silicon. For plugins everything is fine, but for standalone apps we get this error when try to install the product

installd[923]: Could not open /Applications/Audiority/L12X Solid State Solid State Amplifier for AOT translation

Older versions, built on an Intel machine, installs as expected.

Anybody faced the same issue?


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Some more information:
the same installer runs fine on an Intel Mac with Catalina. No errors.
It also runs fine on a newest Silicon Macbook Pro with Monterey.

I would suspect it’s something to do with file permissions or code signing. The AOT translation is probably Rosetta 2’s “Ahead Of Time translation” and if it can’t open the file then something must be different about it.

I checked some competitor’s installers and most of them have the same problem in the installer log, but installation goes fine. My mistake was giving the destination location as Application/Audiority and this seems to be locked during the installation on Big Sur. I ended up copying the application to a temporary folder and, then, moving it to the Applications folder via a postinstall script.