Apvts.state doesn't let me append child

i have this class where the argument on init is the apvts’ state, so that i can check if a child with the juce::Identifier id.parse already exists. if invalid it should init a new valueTree vt, that is a member of that class and then append it to the apvts.state. however i just found out that the apvts.state does not know about this child and its properties, which makes the child really sad :< you see when that parse-method is called i set 2 properties to vt, so the expected result would be to see them show up in apvts.state as well. what am i missing?

ok just so in case anyone cares. the issue was that when i was in the invalid path in the constructor and make a new valid valueTree it was for some reason not possible to append it to the state because it didn’t have properties yet. so apparently all of the properties that will be added later have to be defined initially or it just doesn’t like empty children for some reason, idk, but that was it, so maybe that helps other people in similiar situations.

edit: actually no, this only solved another issue. so weird…

edit2: does anyone know if there is a way to sort of… reset all of the project’s xml files? this stuff is getting so weird i start to believe it’s actually just a broken file and not broken code

edit3: since no one could help me with this yesterday i suppose everyone was either busy or also had no idea how to solve the issue. gladly i got some help in josh’s discord and it turned out my mistake was that i tried to get the xml’s state information while still being in the initializer list of the audio processor. moved all that code to setStateInfo and now it’s fine