Apvts with Combobox id?

Hi All,

Im through the process of finishing my first plugin (still a noob, so bare with me :slight_smile: ) and have a question reg. apvts and the way I am storing the Combobox.

Right now, I’m using the AudioParameterChoice to store the Combobox selection, which works great, however, anytime I want to add a new item to the Combobox or if I move an item to another place, if all gets messed in the Apvts because I am using the indexes and not the Ids to store the selection.

So my question is, is there a way to store the Combobox selection as an ID and not as an Index, thus helping me add/move things in the Combobox without breaking the code?

I’m not sure if this is possible and there is still the possibility that it fails when you remove an ID.
I would recommend using normal indexes. You can store a version number inside your preset XML file. After that, you can migrate values in your preset loading code when you make changes and increase the version number.

Thanks for your reply! Pity it’s not possible! I’ll have to be readjusting after adding 1 new thing in the combo box :slight_smile:

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