ARA: No virtual doCreateAudioModification() in ARADocumentControllerSpecialisation

I’m migrating my plugin that was using the JUCE fork by Celemony to JUCE 7 and among the things that have changed, there is the way the DocumentController is managed. If I understand well, we should now implement a juce::ARADocumentControllerSpecialisation instead of the juce::ARADocumentController. My implementation of juce::ARADocumentController was overriding doCreateAudioModification() to return my implementation of juce::ARAAudioModification that was managing most of the complexity of my plugin. But since doCreateAudioModification() is not virtual in juce::ARADocumentControllerSpecialisation, I can’t do that anymore. Why this is not virtual? And what should be the new approach if we can’t inherit from juce::ARAAudioModification?

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The model object creation functions should indeed be virtual.

A fix is arriving shortly.


This has been fixed: ARA Client: Make model object creation functions virtual · juce-framework/JUCE@966c8c4 · GitHub. :pray: