Are people using the RelativePosition/RelativeCoordinate classes?

Just wondering, as I’m considering deprecating these soon. They originated years ago as part of an experiment into creating a better way to create component layouts, but in retrospect they really had no advantages over just manually writing layout code, and there are much better ways to do it now (e.g. flexbox)


I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever used them directly but I recall using RelativeParallelogram / RelativeRectangle for some SVG drawing - still there may have been better ways to do what I was doing I would have to dig up that code TBH.

Speaking of FlexBox,
Are we supposed to do anything special when we update items within it to get it to redraw/reflow? if our performLayout() call is in resized(), are we supposed to call resized() manually after we change flexBox content??

Let’s not use this thread as a flexbox discussion, thanks.

in short, i do not use them, but i appreciate their usefulnes, so i considered to take a look one day, but i wont cry if its gone