Are sed commands still needed in Juce 5.x?

Today, I was updating an older plugin to the latest Juce 5.x master branch, and noticed that there were these lines in our script that prepares the installer for the product (and something similar for the VST2 version):

#sed -i "" -e 's/TDMwPTul/BNDLPTul/g' "../../MyProduct/OSX/MyProduct/au/MyProduct.component/Contents/PkgInfo"
#sed -i "" -e 's/TDMw/BNDL/g' "../../MyProduct/OSX/MyProduct/au/MyProduct.component/Contents/Info.plist"

I can’t remember why exactly we needed to do this (something about the bundle not being recognized and all plugins being copied from the same build result?), but I wonder if this is still needed now when using Juce 5.x?

These days, 2 different plugins are created separately, so maybe this has become irrelevant?

I’m only building AU and VST2 versions of the plugin product on Mac at the moment, and if I comment out the sed lines, they do seem to work fine.

Could someone enlighten me, please? Thanks!

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on there - it looks like you are changing AAX identifiers into one which are compatible with an AU (or VST or VST3). However, I’m confident you don’t need to do this when using JUCE 5.x.

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We used to have an RTAS version, so perhaps in older Juce that RTAS build served as the base for the AU and VST versions (I believe they were just copies back then) and these identifiers needed to be changed (or something like that…)

Anyway: thanks for confirming I can safely remove this now!