Are the asserts in ResizableWindow::setResizeLimits correct?

I think the asserts in below function should be corrected.
It is valid to set the limits equal for minimum and maximum.
Or am i wrong?

void ResizableWindow::setResizeLimits (const int newMinimumWidth,
                                       const int newMinimumHeight,
                                       const int newMaximumWidth,
                                       const int newMaximumHeight) throw()
    jassert (minW <= maxW);  // instead of minW < maxW
    jassert (minH <= maxH); //  instead of minH < maxH
    jassert (maxW > 0 && maxH > 0);
    jassert (minW >= 0 && minH >= 0);

    minW = jmax (0, newMinimumWidth);
    minH = jmax (0, newMinimumHeight);[/code]
    maxW = jmax (minW, newMaximumWidth);
    maxH = jmax (minH, newMaximumHeight);

oh yes - good point. I guess you could have something that resizes e.g. vertically but not horizontally.

Just moments too late to make it into the new version 1.18 that I just released, but I’ll change it for the next one!