ArgumentList bug: whitespace characters are being treated as a argument

I’ve pulled the lastest commits from the develop branch.
And the minimal reproduction code is shown below:

ArgumentList mylist("test", "abc def ");
std::cout << mylist.size() << std::endl;

This will ouput “3”, but it’s expected to output “2”, as whitespace shouldn’t be treated as a argument.
I also tested:
" abc def",
“abc def " (tab character),
" abc def” (tab character),
“abc def” (two space),
“abc def”(two tabs)

These all output “3” instead of the expected “2”.
And strings with more spaces like “abc def”, "abc def ", will output even larger numbers.
So I think this is a bug of the “ArgumentList”.

Here is the link to the corresponding github issue page:

Thanks, I’ll push a fix for this to the develop branch shortly.