I want to know where my program is installed or called from. I.e. basically argv[0]. How do I get that?

The reason is that I want to create a kind of resource directory in which I can keep e.g. translation files or some bitmaps. I know there are means to embedded this kind of stuff, but sometimes you need it to be more flexible.

So my idea is that if I can get argv[0] I can also derive a path to my resource folder.

Do you guys (M/F) have better ideas to solve this?

I also just discovered the PropertySet and PropertiesFile classes, but I guess they are merely supposed to store my configuration - but of course they could contain an install-dir parameter kind of thing.

Any one knowing about YAML support by the way?


There also lots of other useful SpecialLocationTypes


I just get more and more impressed about this framework. It seems to cover almost everything you can think of.

I agree, that is quite handy, and I need all that info!