Hi everyone

I am new to JUCE so please bear with me.

I am trying to build a very basic GUI and I have so far been able to use “TextButton” and “Slider”.

I would like to play around with other buttons such as “arrowButton” however, whenever I try and declare that as a type, I get an error saying "no default constructor exists for class “arroButton”.

From what I can tell, as there is no default constructor I need to declare three parameters (string, float, colour). I have tried doing so in my .h file, by putting the parameters in curly brackets, but that didn’t work.

Can anyone explain what is missing?


You must have some kind of typo somewhere, this works in the header/class declaration

juce::ArrowButton m_rot_up_button{"",0.75f,juce::Colours::lightgrey};

Indeed, I was declaring the last parameter (colour) incorrectly. Thank you very much Xenakios :slight_smile: