Artifacts on IR update of dsp::Convolution in VST - JUCE 5.3.2 OSX 10.12



It does (again using the debug project with a small timer update value), although now I feel I missed something obvious everyone knows :). Here it is anyway:

When the processFifo() method in juce_Convolution.cpp calls requestsType.setUnchecked (numRequests, type) in its while loop with numRequests = 256, it fires the jassert (isPositiveAndBelow (indexToChange, values.size())); in juce_Array.h (l.524). Juce version 5.4.1.


Ok I think I’ve found the issue. At line 490, it should be while (getNumRemainingEntries() > 0 && numRequests < fifoSize) instead of while (getNumRemainingEntries() > 0).

Thanks for spotted it !