Arturia and Juce

I’ve just seen a screenshot of Arturia’s Minibrute’s accompanying software, and it has “I’m using Juce” written all over its look and feel :wink:
And then when I ask for volunteers to mentor students, appart from a couple of brave men, people look at the floor and whistle… Be careful Arturia, I’m watching you… :twisted:
(I’m still looking forward to test the new synth though :D)

Hi Dri,
when I read your post I noticed that nothing in my profile refers to Arturia so it’s time to update it :).

I have to check with my boss if someone can take be a mentor (if it’s not too late).

The most interesting subject is the VST3 wrapper. We used VST3 SDK and JUCE (only for the GUI) in the Oberheim SEM V and it was a very tough job to make it work.
Another very interesting would be the AAX wrapper, I don’t know if it has been proposed.


Hi Kevin!

It’s not too late. I haven’t filled the subscription forms yet.

Well if you manage to convince your boss, that could be great! I don’t think we can work on AAX wrapper, as it seems so closed that it would be difficult to deliver open-source code around it, but the VST3 wrapper is totally possible. Especially if you already did it internally, it should be a piece of cake for you to guide a student through the task!
Convincing your boss if he’s not an open-source addict always goes around the same arguments: community-supported code is more robust, you get bugfixes for free, you don’t have to pay for the intern as Google pays, you just need to give away some time which will payback in no time, for sure (guaranteed Return On Investment :wink: ).

If you have questions about the summer of code program or anything, you can contact me in private, or tell your boss he can contact me in French, because… well, I’m French too! :slight_smile:

Concerning AAX, if Jules achieved to do the RTAS wrapper I think it could be possible to do the same for AAX.

Concerning VST3, I don’t know if we will be able to use our code because we didn’t use any AudioProcessor. All is based on the VST3 architecture. We only did a GUI bridge to JUCE.

I will talk to my boss and get back to you.
What is the deadline?

It’s beside the point that you guys didn’t use the audio processor in your implementation of VST3. If this was a gsoc project, the student would have to redo the work using the audio processor. The important thing is that you know the VST3 SDK, can give advice on it, and know what’s important to developers of commercial quality audio plugins.