Asking for live-code-review

Dear Tracktion Community!

Since a month I am working on my first tracktion app.
Not being a c++ developer so far (midlevel java developer) the road is quite bumpy.
I would love to write nice code in the future and dont wanna wait doing so too long.

Thats why I wanted to ask someone with more tracktion experience for feedback during a live code-review session.
I am happy to pay maybe by ordering food and a beer to your place :slight_smile:

What am I working on?
I am aiming to develop a chord-Checker as a practice tool for instrumentalists. A chord is played and the tool says wether it is the chord he/she was supposed to play.
How far did I get?
It works somehow. Chords can be recorded (by a teacher)
and later on played and checked (by a student)

Implementation-wise i stored all Information directly in the edits valuetree so that it stays the single source of truth determining the state of the app.
I am quite happy with my approach so far but I am sure it is a mess for an experienced tracktion developer. Hence my interest in getting Feedback.

I have no Idea if anybody is interested and hope it is not impolite to ask.
Best wishes from Hamburg

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