Asking for tips on source management

Hi all,

Situation: I am working on three plugins, in different phases of their development. I use a local and remote Git repository for the root folder of my projects and I also pull nearly daily the latest Juce to a folder outside of this scope.

I have set the Copy Modules option in all three projects, so I have three copies of the modules folder locally in each project. So:

/Samplicity/Shared Library

With an MSVC++ solution on the top level if I want to build all of them.

Of course this leads to quite some redundant pushing of the modules folder to my remote repository.

What is your preferred approach?

Copy modules to one shared folder (higher), instead of my (default) repeated folders structure?

When you get close to testing, do you switch off the Copy Modules option for your project? This would of course require that the modules folder is local to each project.

Just curious about your best practices. Maybe master Jules can chime in as well from extensive experience with maintaining and extending several projects.

Thanks in advance for your (early) reflections! (pun)


i always keep separate copies of everything for each project. that is, i never share any code and all my modules are project local.

why have your remote git so remote? i have a copy on my PC and a copy on my server (in the same building). I do push to a remote site, but no so often.

not claiming my way is any better tho.