Assert error: Leaked Hashmap?


I just updated to the latest on Develop and now I’m hitting an Leaked Hashmap that I certainly never had before. It looks like it might have something to do with the VST Wrapper.

And for whatever reason, Cubase then blacklists the plugin, but Logic validates just fine.

And damn…it’s Friday, on the west coast…

EDIT: Ok, after going back and forth between several commits, it turns out that everything is good through 71ee795bbb8f1e0b5d591f76de3de6132b30d77b and once I use 41f7835119ef02df13290be50f8b68f5711095be or later, I hit that leaked HashMap in my plugin’s destructor in Cubase.

Hope that helps.




Yup this is fixed on develop now. No need to bump.




OT: How else would he know? A forum is just no issue tracker… :wink: