Asset proxy


I’d like to write an “asset proxy” class that’d work the following way: upon asking for a resource filename, it’d return the corresponding data if it’s been put into BinaryData by the Projucer, or, if there’s a file with the same name physically on disk (at some conventional location), it’ll return its content instead. This, with the ability to select which method has precedence, etc. I bet you see the idea.

However, as I’m generally trying to put all reusable code I can into modules, I’m afraid there are some limitations that’d keep me away from doing it in an elegant way.

The BinaryData feature misses some runtime introspection capabilities (no way to check for its presence, for example), and as the namespace is customisable in the Projucer, it would also need to be exposed someway, for this asset proxy module to be strictly project-independent.

Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.