Atomcis Bad Access

Whenever I quit my application I get a bad access error. The last 6 items from my stack trace are:

#0 0x00008a3a in juce::Atomic<int>::operator-- at juce_Atomic.h:339 #1 0x00007080 in juce::StringHolder::release at juce_String.cpp:162 #2 0x0000735b in juce::StringHolder::release at juce_String.cpp:168 #3 0x0000374d in juce::String::~String at juce_String.cpp:252 #4 0x0001a3e3 in ChallengeComponent::~ChallengeComponent at ChallengeComponent.cpp:392

ChallengeComponent is my custom component. The program makes it all the way to the end of ChallengeComponent’s destructor, then goes into the juce::String, StringHolder, etc.

The specific lilne in juce_Atomic that is causing the error is:

#elif JUCE_ATOMICS_GCC return (Type) __sync_add_and_fetch (&value, -1);

I have the latest JUCE, running on Mac OS 10.6.8, XCode 3.2.6. Any ideas?

Just a guess, but the only realistic way that the Atomic code can fail is if it is given an unaligned address. Perhaps one of your objects is getting freed twice?

I figured that, but then why would it make it all the way to the end of my destructor? Wouldn’t it have gotten tripped up on the actual offending object’s deallocation?

Do you have static objects with constructors and destructors? Perhaps its something related to destructors of objects with static storage duration.

No, it hasn’t got as far as trying to deallocate your object yet - before deallocating an object the compiler will obviously first delete its members, so this is exactly what you’d expect to see if you’re trying to delete a dangling pointer.

Use modern c++ allocation techniques and you won’t ever get this kind of problem!!

I know. Going back and converting to scoped pointers is on my to-do list. Problem solved. Thnx!