AU 32bit "was released too many times" warning in Live

I have following message in the OSX console when closing the 32 bit AU plugin Window in ableton live 8. VST and 64 bit versions don't have this issue:

12/13/14 2:12:24.449 PM Live: Warning: NSBundle NSBundle </Applications/Live 8.2.8/> (loaded) was released too many times. For compatibility, it will not be deallocated, but this may change in the future. Set a breakpoint on __NSBundleOverreleased() to debug

A user reported a crash while closing the UI. Can this cause to a crash and how can i fix this? Any ideas are welcome!

AFAIK nothing in the plugin code will ever open that bundle (i.e. the bundle). At least not directly, unless something deep in Apple's AU code does so.

Thanks for the information. I tried to debug it but didn't get any usable information. 

The good thing is, that other plugins not made with JUCE do have this warning too. But the other plugins show their own name in the warning message. Maybe my bundle definition is not complete... seems to be next higher application.