AU Audio Plugin Not showing up in Ableton


Total beginner and doing a course on kadenze. Built an audio plugin in Juce, Opened in Xcode, then seleccted AU and edited scheme so that the project opens the AU in Abelton. However, the AU never shows up. I have followed the video. Is there anything I can check to see why this is not working?


Hi, check the Projucer in the tab marked “Exports” and you will see an option “AU Binary Location.” Make sure the location is set to the same plug-in folder Ableton is looking at. :slightly_smiling_face:


Projucer AU Binary Location is /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/ which is the default ableton folder. I can also see the components in that folder.

Hmm have you tried rescanning in the Ableton options?

Ye rescanned a few times and still nothing. I will restart the laptop and see if anything changes.

a) There was an Apple bug (maybe still is) starting with High Sierra, that AUs wouldn’t appear without restart, I don’t know if it ever got fixed…
b) does auval find it? In the console type auval -a to check all or use auval -v aufx code manu, where code is from Projucer “Plugin Code” (is randomised when you generated the project) and manu is the “Plugin Manufacturer Code”.

Good luck

The restart did it! Thanks a million Daniel and Joshua for your help!