AU Parameter Order


We had the same issue with AU parameter ordering with JUCE, but automation in Logic has its own quirks that make it more confusing/difficult… their automation menu always sorts alphabetically (example is their Multipressor plugin):

There also seems to be a Logic X bug in which parameters show up in the automation menu based on how many parameters your plugin has:


hello, just a bump to say that i just encountered this on a fresh clone, following the new best practice from demos (not having made a plugin with JUCE in many years.)

for what it’s worth, both of the solutions above worked for me (JUCE_FORCE_USE_LEGACY_PARAM_IDS, or hacking AUElement accessors.)

but the default behavior is really unfortunate for newcomers to the framework; making an AU with generic interface is, i’d guess, a very common first task.


It’s even more complicated than that if you want consistency with AUv3: