AU plugin Crashing on Mac?

I’ve build a plugin that is working perfectly fine on the pc, Ive just build an AU version, it opens up and works fine in Aulab and Ableton Live but when I remove the plugin and then re-open again, it crashes!! behaves the same in aulab or ableton what could be going wrong?

Try getting the tip from sourceforge and building that - I fixed a bug related to this just a few days ago…

You mean the latest release? 1.43?Thanks, on another note why are the AU versions sizes so much bigger, 37mb AU compared to 4.3mb for mac-vst

No, I mean the actual tip of the source tree - you’ll need to use Subversion to get it.

Maybe it’s a debug build? My AUs aren’t quite so ridiculously big!

Ive neva used subversion before, I downloaded subversion client for windows so whats the command line to do this?How do you actually use subversion for windows?

svn co juce

It would be much appreciated if you can tell me exactly how to get the build that I need.

I’ve never used the command line tool. Just right-click on a folder and choose SVN Checkout, then tell it the URL.

All good now no more crashing the change you made fixed it, thanx. One more thing, can’t seem to find how to change the name of the mac vst from juceVST.vst to somethingelse.vst, looked everywhere in xcode.

Oh, it’s in there somewhere… One of the build settings, I think.

Can’t seem to find it in the project settings anywhere, is it linked to the project name?