AU plugin mono in -> stereo out issue - SOLVED

Hi all,

I'm working on a Plugin that use {1,1}{1,2}{2,2} as input-output possible configurations.

When I insert the plugin in Apple Logic I can insert it as: Mono, Stereo and Mono->Stereo, according to the kind of track.

Well, when I use a track with mono input and stereo output the plugin can be inserted as Mono or Mono->Stereo (correctly).

However, if I choose Mono->Stereo there is no output signal.

The AudioSampleBuffer is correctly processed and at the end of processing both Left and Right are filled with output data.

Looking at the AUEffectBase Render() function, I noticed a difference during the execution that is:

In case of Mono out configuration the ProcessInPlace() calls return true while in case of Mono->Stereo configuration it return false.

I don't know however if it does matter for the mentioned issue (I don't know the role of ProcessinPlace() function).

Any ideas?


OK. SOLVED. It was just a bug in my code.


Thank you.