AU plugs don't show up in Maschine, what could it be?

I’m building test AU plugins straight from the unaltered template code generated by Introjucer. The plugins show up in Ableton Live, but not in the NI Maschine standalone host. I wonder what could be the problem. I’ve build them as universal intel 32/64bit. All other AU plugins do show up in Maschine.

Anything you can think of that might be the cause of this?

Here are the 2 compiled plugins, just in case:

I’ll contact NI as well but I it might take a while for them to respond…

Ok it’s nothing Maschine specific apparently they also don’t pass the Logic Studio scan. Are there any common pitfalls I can look into?

try running auval - that might give you some clues.

Thanks for pointing me to auval. I have things working now, although I’m not completely sure what the problem was since I found several issues. I had multiple test plugins with the same (default) plugin code, so I can imagine that messes up the plugin scan process. Running auval I also discovered some dodgy plugins that kept auval running forever. I removed them too.

Anyway I’m glad things are up and running now. :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue. The plugin worked everywhere just not in maschine. The cause was a wrong “Bundle OS Type code” in the “info.plist” file. It worked after i set it to BNDL.