AU with no patches

Ok I think I figured out how to make this AU thing work with NO PATCHES and JUCE 3.2.0.

  1. JUCE 3.2.0 release build.
  2. Latest VST3 SDK (3.6.5) from Stienberg.
  3. xCode 7.
  4. Install Apple's Core Audio Utility Classes in "Developer/Extra" folder of xCode package.
  5. Set OSX base SDK to default
  6. Set SDK and compatibility to 10.7.
  7. C++ language standard -> C++ 11
  8. C++ Library  -> LLVM libc++

This runs fine for me with no fixes or patches.


Just to clarify in case people are confused by this: the advice above is not what we officially recommend people to do!

You no longer need to install, patch or know anything about those Apple CoreAudio files. That stuff is all now handled magically and internally by the latest version of juce and the latest introjucer. I think the only relevant piece of advice above is that you probably will want to select 10.7 as your SDK compatibility setting.

Yes, IF you are happy to always take the development tip, along with whatever other changes it might bring. Developers who want to work with a stable baseline may want another option. I posted this because JUCE, for whatever reason, chooses not to provide maintenance releases for these kinds of issues and opts instead to do all development on a single development trunk.


That's fine, but your post didn't give any context, and could have confused people who thought it was general advice.

If the tip was built from a collection of changes which we know to be "stable" or "unstable", then issuing patches for old versions might make sense. But that's not how it works - to the best of our knowledge, nothing at all that we've committed since the release is unstable, otherwise we wouldn't have pushed it!

Obviously nobody's perfect and bugs do slip through the net, but statistically, since we know that we've fixed bugs since the release, but don't know of any new ones (otherwise we'd have already fixed them!), your chances must be better with the tip. FWIW we build all our production software from the tip.

Ok I will try working form the tip. I just hope you guys are super careful about committing things there.

I hope so too! That's our policy, anyway.

Also, within the next couple of weeks we'll be putting together a more advanced build server that'll run automated tests on everything we push before it goes public, to help catch any accidents.