AU won't build on develop

Hi, just done a fresh pull of JUCE on develop and get this when trying to build an AU. Go back to master and all is good.

Did you resave the project using Projucer built from Develop?

hi. yes.

The error you’re seeing is most likely due to incorrectly-set include paths. The include path to the AU SDK should be set automatically by the Projucer during a save of the project.

Given that Projucer-generated AU builds are working correctly on our CI (and locally) I’d recommend double-checking that you’re really building the Projucer from develop (i.e. close all open copies of the Projucer, check out develop, build and run the Projucer), and that you’ve really re-saved the project (delete the Builds folder, then re-save in the Projucer).

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thanks - that was it, the copy of projucer to the location I run it from had failed so I was still running a version from August. Sorry for the distraction.