Audio Channel Layout Tag not handled making unit tests fail


When setting JUCE_UNIT_TESTS=1 on an existing project, I’m getting an error in the test that checks for osx’ core audio layouts:

Starting test: Core Audio Layout <-> JUCE channel layout conversion / All CA tags handled...
!!! Test 124 failed: Tag "kAudioChannelLayoutTag_HOA_ACN_SN3D_0Order" is not handled by JUCE

We tried with 5.3.2 and the develop branch as well.
The weird thing is, if I create a new empty project, I don’t get this error. The same test passes.

Is anyone aware of something that could have side-effects on this test and make it fail?

Hmmm… our CI always runs the UnitTestRunner project in JUCE/extras every time we push to our github repo. Can you try running the UnitTestRunner project on your machine? Not sure what could be different in your project though…