Audio Developer Meet-up: Foley's Video Engine - a JUCE video processing module

Out twelfth London Audio Developer Meet-up will be held on Wednesday, June the 5th at CodeNode, London.

@daniel will discuss his JUCE video processing module: with JUCE having the building blocks to create audio software and integrate into a broad ecosystem of audio backends and plugin APIs, there was always the lack of video tools. The usual video rendering frameworks are often limited with their audio to playback at most. So to create tools, that let users be creative with audio AND video, one of those had to grow. The module foleys_video_engine aims to close this gap, allowing to implement video compositing with the same framework, that is currently used, to create the most advanced audio software.

In addition to being one of the most active members on this forum, @daniel has quite some background: he studied visualisation and image processing and developed medical imaging software. After that, he moved on to work in the audio industry for companies like Filmstro and ROLI. Bringing those talents together and his passion for film music and cinema, he now develops audio and video software. His portfolio with his company Foleys Finest Audio Ltd. spans audio plugins, spatial audio rendering and now video rendering software.

:pizza: There will be pizza :pizza:

Please remember to sign up at the skills matter page here.



Thank you @fabian for the kind invitation.

If anyone has questions but can’t make it to the talk, feel free to post them here or PM me. I will address them in the talk and post answers here as well.

I added a quick and dirty information page about the engine on my homepage

BTW. The skillsmatter link says Tuesday, 4th?? There seems to be a communication mishap…
Can someone clarify? @fabian or @ed95?

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Will it be screencast? Or perhaps a video posted?

Thanks @daniel, a month back the organisers asked me to shift the meetup from the Tuesday to the Wednesday. It seems that they haven’t update the date for the meetup yet on the skills matters page.

Yes, all London Audio Developer Meetups are recorded (unless the speaker declines). You will usually find the video two weeks after the event here:

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OK. The skill’s matter web page has been updated and the people who have already signed up will receive an e-mail. Sorry about this!

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Thanks everyone for attending.

Also a big thanks from myself, it was great to get so much feedback!

I just did the measure I should have done before. I put two 2k videos (mp4) into the editor and played back into a 2k canvas (1920 x 1080).
On a normal MacBook Mid 2015, 2.2 GHz, 16 GB 4 physical cores there is no sweat according to XCode’s meters (release build):
200-230% with a spike of 330% when blending the two images (fade transition).
Memory imprint < 1GB.

I think that’s workable, considering that I didn’t optimise too much yet, but I will do my best to reduce that numbers, I know a few places, where I might be still a bit wasteful.

And the recording is already online, thanks to the SkillMatters team:

Look forward to checking it out, sounds like it was a success! Sorry I couldn’t be there in person.

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