Audio device's clock source

Hi Jules,

I couldn’t find the way to enumerate/select/get audio device’s clock souce and its name.

Do you plan to support that feature in JUCE?

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Masanao Hayashi

no, wasn’t planning to do that. It’d probably be quite platform-specific. You could look at tweaking the ASIO driver stuff if you really need it for something.

I don’t think so. Both of CoreAudio and ASIO has features to get number of clock sources and its names. DirectSound doesn’t support clocks so it will simply always return “number of clock sources = 0”, I think.

I think that the clock source is one of important setting for audio devices, isn’t it?


Most PC based audio programs have the user open the control panel of the audio card driver to set the clock source, with Steinberg software being the notable exception. Most Mac software does allow you to set the clock source from within the program. It certainly would be an added convenience within JUCE to have that as a feature, but I don’t see it as being necessary. Most end users don’t think it an inconvenience to open audio card control panels (Windows) or Audio/MIDI setup (Mac) to change sound card settings since they usually only do it once. It’s not really a setting that changes from project to project. Just my $0.02.

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Fair enough, I can see the point of it. Bit too busy right now to make it a priority though.