Audio input ->DSP->output sample per sample

Is it possible in a JUCE app to read audio input (from the devices audio input H/W) sample per sample DSP the audio input and send the audio the the devices audio output H/W sample per sample, so the max delay from the audio is read from the input H/W to the processed audio signal is sent to the audio output H/W is one sample time ?

I would still use buffered audio for the DSP which will calculate the new output sample from buffered “old” samples.

So actually what I need is a FIFO instead of a buffer.

— Eigil

The processing is always buffer based. So even for an app/plugin where you copy the audio input directly to the output, there’s some latency involved.

I was about to leave the same post as xenakios. And just to add to his remark; there are buffers for the audio interface being used by the system that will introduce some number of latency samples. This is totally outside of JUCE, and is just a feature of how audio works in a computer.