Audio Modeling is searching for a cross-platform C++/JUCE GUI developer

Audio Modeling is searching for a cross-platform C++/JUCE GUI developer
(Milan - Italy / Remote)

We are an Italian company, leader in modeled expressive acoustic virtual instruments, looking for an enthusiastic, full-time C++/JUCE programmer, specialized in GUI development, with good understanding of Audio, MIDI, plugins and hosts/DAWs. Remote collaboration is highly encouraged.

Would you like to be part of the next chapters of innovative Audio Modeling products?

Contract type: Contract

Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior

Role: C++ GUI developer

Company size: 8 people

Start: ASAP

Estimated project duration: 5 months (with option to be renewed)

Compensation: 15000 € (negotiable)


  • Solid knowledge of C++ programming, information technologies and software architecture
  • Solid knowledge of JUCE development framework, especially GUI development
  • Good knowledge of Apple Xcode and Microsoft Visual Studio environments
  • Attitude to be collaborative
  • Knowledge of versioning systems, specifically GIT
  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Ability to teamwork and faithfully achieve what has been designed at the specifications stage
  • Attitude to work on goal oriented results and with AGILE methods
  • Passion for Audio, MIDI and musical instruments
  • Must own, develop and test on a recent Apple Mac system, a recent Microsoft Windows system and a recent Apple iPad (those devices are not provided by the company)
  • Should own a MIDI controller keyboard to test the product being developed (device not provided by the company, if working remotely)


  • +5 Years experience in Audio/MIDI plugins development
  • +5 Years experience in mobile Apps development (iOS especially)


  • You like technology and finding neat solutions to address complex problems
  • You thrive on challenge and change; you naturally gravitate to the hardest questions first and love thinking differently to solve them.
  • You are biased towards action and you’re happiest when you’re ‘getting stuff done’.
  • You’re open, positive & straightforward. You’re not afraid to stand up for your convictions, even when it’s hard to do so.
  • You delight in your colleagues’ successes and thrive on your failures; you grasp any opportunity for learning and constantly seek to improve.
  • You care about the environment

This is not for you if…

  • … you like to work alone without any exchange with other team members
  • … any change to the planned features bothers you
  • … you do not speak English
  • … you never change your mind

If this sounds like it’s for you, and if you think your code is good enough, send an email with your CV to

Audio Modeling


If you don’t mind me speaking with a bit of candor, as someone who this ad is aimed directly at, the amount you’re quoting for five months of full-time work in a specialized skill set is laughably low. For someone with no experience, fresh out of university, they could reasonably expect to get twice that, and for someone with the experience you name, at least four, and more likely six times that would not be out of line. The amount you list is almost exactly what I would expect for a month of work.


So, it’s not for you :slight_smile:

That is not what they were saying. They were saying that you are asking for a high level of skill, and offering a ridiculously low compensation. It was an offer of a reality based perspective, in case you were not aware of how out of proportion your skill expectations are, for the amount you are offering to pay. Your response does not seem to indicate that you understand that, or possibly that you don’t care. In either case, I’m not sure that reflects well as an attitude towards the person you want to hire.


There are two very pertinent points here though:

Contract type: Contract


Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior

Due to the inherent nature of contract work it is always paid way above the rates you might expect for a permanent position, and the rate given is pretty low for most markets.

Having said all that, it seems that the Italian developer market doesn’t pay very well, with the average for a Experienced C++ developer being ~38k€. Move to Germany and the same developer can expect nearly 2x the wage, in the UK about 1.5x what they could in Italy.

I might have been ripped off in Germany, but I am doing much better here in UK, than I did before in Germany :wink:
But apart from that I agree with everything said. In the end it is all a matter of negotiation of the interested parties.

I just can say, the engines Audio Modelling are making are really good, hope they make enough money to afford treating their people well too :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I think the lesson to be learned from this thread is that when you’re advertising for a job, don’t mention the salary!


Well, to be fair, like I mentioned it’s not an unreasonable rate for an Italian C++ developer, for someone living in a cheap country it will be a decent wage. For someone like Chris it will seem like an extremely underpaid position (given the insane wages some American devs can command).

So I think actually it’s not a bad thing to mention the salary as that will help some people not waste their time applying for a position that is not compensating what they require, and as OP said “It’s not for you”. That was perhaps a slightly curt response that could have done with some explanation imo.


If it’s after taxes, no, it’s not.

I think it would be reasonably fair for a new UI designer. But a UI designer that can also code that UI in to existence, and understands all the quirks of cross-platform work (including mobile), and who is also a competent musician, and who knows JUCE, is a rare thing. Rare things are more valuable.

Edited to remove dickish commentary.