Audio Player Plugin

hello everyone again its been quite some time since i played with juice im trying to learn C at the same time and have been studying the Tutorial: Build an audio player … i thought it would be good to expand my knowledge building something i can use in my studio a simple reference audio player and to learn more about juice by placing it into a plug in … unfortunately im totally struggling of course i have found that any examples to study are totally depreciated or linux based and forum posts are so old that alot of the commands used with there code have changed and being a learner its difficult to find the right syntax to replace a line of code… ive tried to study the sampler example but its just far to complex there just to much in source to get a grip on it … is there any repositories of code thats a little more tame with the simple code like load a file in the plug in and play it … i find it odd that the tutorials on juice are not modular each very different … there great examples but i dont want to reinvent the wheel if you follow


I learned a lot from the audio programmer on youtube