Audio Plugin Host - open command line file


For debugging purposes it would be nice if the audio plugin host automatically opens the file in the commandLine.

[code] void initialise (const String& commandLine)
// initialise our settings file…
->setStorageParameters (“Juce Audio Plugin Host”,
“settings”, String::empty, 1000,

    commandManager = new ApplicationCommandManager();

    AudioPluginFormatManager::getInstance()->addFormat (new InternalPluginFormat());

    mainWindow = new MainHostWindow();
    //mainWindow->setUsingNativeTitleBar (true);

    commandManager->registerAllCommandsForTarget (this);
    commandManager->registerAllCommandsForTarget (mainWindow);


	if (commandLine.isNotEmpty())



Yes, I guess so…!


…another important improvement I would like to see, is to open plugins with different channel-configurations than the maximum (for example open a surround capable plug-in with 2in/2out channel-configuration)


Thanks chkn, nice mod! Now I can set up a filter graph with input and analysis plugins and test straight from debug :slight_smile: