Audio Plugin... Hosting Forum?

Hey Jules,

Seeing that there are lots of posts related to plugin hosting, I would like to request a forum be created for that only. :slight_smile:

Well… this one’s already full of hosting threads, I kind of think of both plugins and hosting as being part of the same thing.

(TBH I spend all my time on the forum looking at the “new posts” list, so I rarely notice which section each post actually comes from)

btw. would be great to have something like a “latest topics” overview, like a normal overview where you see all topics from any sub-topic, sorted by latest post date.

PS: i think “sub-forums” are an inefficient system (a tagging system works better) - but for such a specialized forum like there are not necessary. ( otherwise you have more than 100 new posts a day)

Um, isn’t that what View Unread Posts is for?


hmmmmmmm… essentially yes :slight_smile: ( but not exactly )