Audio Plugin Programmer looking for no-rush project

Hello, Elan Hickler here.

I’ve started to get into programming audio plugins and I am looking to work with someone who needs audio plugins developed. I say “no-rush” because it may be a few months of prototyping and another few months for creating a GUI due to my experience. However, I can promise great-sounding DSP, feature-rich product, and multiplatform development.

As a portfolio I have two products available to the public:

spiral generator:

soon to be more.

I will bring great ideas to the table, I am passionate about sound, music, digital sound generation and processing. I am looking to gain experience. After the first project is completed, I can remove the “no-rush” requirement.

On the flip side, if you’re simply looking for a prototype design that is ugly to look at but sounds great, that is a perfect job for me, and I can get something completed in a reasonable timeframe. In the future, that prototype can be taken to “ready for sale” status!

e-mail: or PM