Audio problems. Clicks and pops

So I just nailed a basic wavetable oscillator. I can hear a sin wave playing at 440 Hz :))). Despite the fact that the makefile doesn`t work it was ok, i managed to build and run with codeblocks.

The problem is that I can hear clicks and pops. I tried the same program on windows (with Asio4All) and it was ok. No click and pops. The obvious solution is to change / upgrade (if that is even possible) the audio drivers. I currently use ALSA and pulseaudio. What should I do; I`m not really into experimenting right now.

My concern is the outputted sound, but I would like to know why the makefile isn`t doing anything :))


  • JUCE 5.3.2

  • Linux: Manjaro + i3

When I type:

make MakeFile

I get:

Nothing to be done

Your make command should be for the target you’re building, something like:

$cd Builds/LinuxMakeFile
$make VST CONFIG=Debug

well that was stupid :))) Thx a lot. Got one problem solved. I will try to mess around with some settings in alsa. Maybe i will get rid of the clicks and pops. I`m still open to new suggestions :wink:

I solved it. The buffer size and sample rate were ok. I changed the configuration from pavucontrol :))). Thx!